Babies Breathing Safer Thanks to Z Energy   Babies in the Children’s Ward in Hutt Hospital can now breathe easily and safely with the addition of a new piece of equipment that prevents risk to babies as a result of them receiving air containing high levels of oxygen. The device is called an oxygen blender […]

The parent’s room in the Children’s Ward at Hutt Hospital has just received a makeover. The paint was tired and the furniture ancient. It was a dreary room for parents to spend time, especially when they were tired after spending many hours with their child in the ward – and were looking for a bit […]

The Hutt Hospital Foundation Trust recently purchased 2 Phillips SureSigns VS4 monitors worth approximately $18,000 for the Hutt Hospital Emergency Department. These monitors are designed to make taking vital signs easy. It measures blood pressure, pulse rate, oxygen saturation, and temperature. The VS4 monitor is for monitoring, recording, and alarming multiple physiological parameters for adults, […]

Christmas can be a difficult and stressful time for many families particularly when their loved ones suffer a serious injury or illness and have to go to the Emergency Department for help.